Retail Hygiene

A retail outlet with good hygiene practices improves shopper experience and leads to longer dwell time and spend. Hygiene and Healthcare understand that good hygiene is vital to creating a pleasant shopping experience. Achieving return business is key to your profitability. Clean and hygienic facilities are an important factor in the customers’ decision to return.

Potential impact of poor hygiene

  • Drives traffic to competitors with superior hygiene or to online shopping
  • Reduces length of stay and spend
  • At busy periods, drives people away as facilities cannot cope
  • Alienates some visitors by not providing for their needs (eg parents with babies), particularly as a trip to the mall is a ‘day out’
  • Poor reflection on brand image
  • Prevents return visits due to bad experience

Improving hygiene makes good financial sense:

  • Improved shopper experience, leads to longer dwell time and spend
  • Enhanced positive image means more new shoppers and return visits.
  • Good reputation leads to recommendation and new customers
  • Provision for special groups (babies, elderly etc) improves reputation and return visits
  • Taking care of staff wellbeing which translates to higher service & satisfaction