Poor hygiene reflects badly on your company’s image, increases absenteeism and lowers staff morale. We understand that good hygiene is vital in creating a welcoming dining environment that customers want to return to.

Potential impact of poor hygiene

  • Poor reflection of your company’s image
  • Absenteeism
  • Low morale and poor staff engagement
  • Increased “presenteeism”, when employees attend work despite being sick and spread illness to others
  • Reduced productivity

Research also shows that something as simple as regular hand washing or sanitising, can decrease illness by up to 50%. Good hygiene is vital to the performance of your business and it applies to all areas of your premises, from washrooms and kitchen areas, to work spaces and storage areas. People who are more concerned about hygiene are harder to impress. Your hygiene standards should aim to satisfy these end users.

Improving hygiene makes good financial sense:

  • Lower absenteeism/presenteeism, so reduced additional cost for temporary cover, plus salary for staff who are not working
  • Improved staff morale and loyalty, so reduced recruitment costs
  • Improved productivity, so improved profitability