Research shows that diners form an opinion of a restaurant’s kitchen based on the appearance of the washroom. We understand that good hygiene is vital in creating a welcoming dining environment that customers would want to stay longer and return to. Research shows germs can spread easily in a food and beverage environment. Maintaining good hygiene standards is imperative to achieving return business.

Potential impact of poor hygiene

  • Bad reviews leading to damaged reputation and poor reflection of your brand image
  • Reduced repeat business
  • Cross contamination between front and back of house staff, leading to foodborne diseases
  • Closure or financial penalties due to failure to comply with food safety regulations
  • Losing business productivity and sales
  • Unpleasant ambiance and dining experience

Improving hygiene makes good financial sense:

  • Enhance image with improved rating and booking
  • Avoid fines or even closure due to failure to comply with food hygiene regulations
  • Avoid loss of revenue due to poor reviews and falling dining number
  • Good reputation leads to recommendation and new customers
  • Reduce staff absenteeism, lowering the cost of temporary staff or lost revenue due to inability to handle restaurant traffic