The HXII soap system has a unique pouch in a box feature, ensuring serving is quick, simple and contamination free.  The unique liquid and/or form pumps are disposed off each time a new bag is installed ensuring complete hygiene. The dispenser is used for either form or liquid sachets.   The 0,4ml pump has the ability to dispense 1750 applications from the 700ml cartridge. A unique feature of the manual unit is the retrofit counter designed for back of house hospitality and medical applications that registers the number of hand washes.

There is an option of a manual or sensor.


Compact Folded Towel Dispenser

Compact folded

This ultra slim folded towel dispenser is the answer to space limited sites.  The durable ABS plastic gives the unit a strong exterior. The unit is designed to hold 264 sheets of ultra-absorbent TAD (Through Air Dry) folded paper towel.  The dispenser has both a quick release opening system and a lockable function




  • Sleek Slim design for restricted spaces
  • Lockable
  • Quick release roll mechanism

 The dual roll toilet tissue dispenser accommodates two standard rolls of either one or two ply paper. Manufactured from durable ABS plastic this sleek lockable dispenser will suit most washroom environments.


Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Toilet seat sanitizer

Studies show that hygiene standards in bathrooms often fail to meet the expectations of visitors. Companies that clearly value the cleanliness and hygiene of their facilities have a positive impact on staff, visitors and business partners.

Provide a bacteria-free toilet facility with our toilet seat sanitizer solution – designed to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.

The danger that contaminated toilet seats can represent should never be underestimated. Although not visible to the naked eye, many toilet seats become contaminated with faecal bacteria after use. Such contaminated toilet seats may cause skin irritations and are a potential source of viruses.

Users of toilets often wish there was a quick, easy and hygienic way to sanitize the toilet seat before using it. Well now there is – Betasan toilet seat hygiene combines easy handling with effective disinfectant.  The 365ml alcohol based refill gives users over 3,000 sprays.  Its quick drying formula leaves a completely sanitized surface with a refreshing odour

Betasan Antibacterial Hand Gel

Betasan Antibacterial Hand Gel is the next step in Hand sanitization.  It gives us 4 hours of hand protection.  Formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to moisturize and protect your hands.  Betasan is SABS approved for food manufacturing environments.  The dispenser gives the user a 0.4ml dose of Betasan antibacterial hand gel which will kill 99.9% of harmful contamination agents and leave the user with a 4hour barrier of protection. The sealed pouch gives 1750 applications.

betasan hand



Omniscent® is a large space fragrance delivery system that releases high quality fragrance continually and consistently to large interior spaces, creating a positive user experience in areas such as gyms, reception areas, conference rooms and hotels.

How It Works

Unlike conventional aerosol fragrancing systems, the Omniscent® system works by utilising ceramic cartridge technology instead of an aerosol refill and provides user control of output and intensity.

The disposable ceramic block is gently heated within the unit and fragrance is dispersed via an internal fan. This gives large, uniform fragrance coverage over an area of up to 500m³. The ceramic cartridge blocks are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly, whilst being safe to handle and easily replaceable.


Airmist Automatic Airfresheners

The Airmist Automatic Airfreshner dispenser is set to spray at intervals keeping the room smelling fresh throughout the day/month.

We take care of installation, servicing and maintenance of the Air freshener all through the period of the contract.

The Unit may fitted with an anti-theft bracket



Femcare Discreet No Touch Sanitary Disposal Service


We also take this opportunity to introduce the automatic sanitary services whereby we supply and service bins in the ladies toilets at the customer’s premises. The bins are used for the disposal of sanitary dressings to avoid blockage in the drains as well as improve the image of your premises. Our service is.on basis of ‘In Cubicle Service Method’ where only the liner containing the waste is removed from the cubicle and the bin sanitized on site.

The bins are white in colour and need no contact with the user. The proximity sensor automatically opens the flap and closes after 8 seconds. This makes our Units discreet and hygienic, reducing chances of cross infection of contagious diseases such as Hepatitis B as there is no contact with the user.

Betasan P Max are made from natural biodegrable ingredients which are effective in combating bacteria growth and odours produced by sanitary waste. They contain natural ingredients safe for the users and service operators. Formulation ensures that all the waste in the bin is treated for at least 28 days. They are manufactured under ISO:9001 :2000 standards.

The Key factor in developing P Max was to ensure that all the ingredients used in its manufacture were both environmentally friendly and possessed natural anti-microbial properties. This has replaced the hazardous chemicals found’ in many products in the market, that are both ineffective and potentially dangerous.

Our system is entirely trouble free and personal. The units have clear instructions regarding the disposal of towels and tampons on the top of the lid and also have double flat lid which ensures that the contents in the bin are not exposed to the user. No one in your organization needs to be concerned with the installation, collection, maintenance, or with any aspect of the disposal operation.

In summary this wives you these benefits:

  • No initial capital
  • Completely hygienic
  • No labour costs to you
  • Discreet, private and modern
  • No power source to fail
  • Better customer satisfaction with your premises
  • Environmentally friendly

We are the only company that can guarantee you the hygiene and sterilization that is brought about by our patented highly effective anti microbial granular product P Max, meaning:

  • Reduced risk of cross infection
  • Keeps washroom odor free
  • Service cycle change is flexible to suit your needs
  • Patented P Max technology – best available for disinfection of total contents.



Need an effective sanitizer solution for your toilets and urinals? Do you know that day-to-day cleaning effectively eliminates most of the dirt you can see with the naked eye?

Quadrasan toilet and urinal sanitizer provides the most effective automatic hygiene system that ensures clean, sanitised and odour free toilets and urinals 24hrs a day. With features that include real time programmability, service frequency settings, on and off days, alarm features, battery indicator.

When it comes to urinals and toilets, hidden dangers stubbornly remain. Sanitary facilities can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that increase the risk of cross-infection and can lead to uric salt deposits and unpleasant odours in the bathroom. The build-up of organic and inorganic deposits over time may clog pipes in your toilet facilities, and ultimately, result in costly toilet and urinal blockages. Unfortunately, these problems in your bathroom cannot be flushed away.






The newly developed Wastecare Bin brings an industry first innovation to the washroom to take care of unsightly paper waste. Unique features include the clip out waste chute made from polypropylene plastic that allows for easy cleaning and can be interchanged for another color to compliment most washrooms. The built in continuous roll of degradable fragranced liners makes for easy bag removal and reload


Betasan Bioclean Multipurpose Bacterial Based Surface Cleaner

Used for cleaning, sanitizing and eliminating odours on hard surfaces in washroom areas, such as sanitary disposal units, urinals and basins.  The active long lasting bacterial flora continues to biodegrade harmful bacteria and neutralize odours long after the cleaning procedure has taken place.

  • Surfactants lift up organic matters, oils, fats and dirt
  • Fermentation extracts break oils and fats such as soap residues
  • Bacteria controls odours by digesting harmful bacteria on a continous basis
  • Simple to use by diluting 1 x 70ml sachet in 10litres of water
  • Easy to apply by using the ergonomically designed spray bottle.

Betasan Autospray

Betasan Autospray assists Health Care Facilities to strengthen the barrier against cross contamination required for effective infection control. The unit dispenses either alcohol based spray or alcohol free spray. The unit is easily positioned in critical hygiene areas as well as high traffic areas. It will help drive the hand hygiene culture.

The touch free sensor provides each user with either 1, 2 or 3 doses of Antibacterial Spray that kills 99.9% of common germs.

The Betasan Spray Station is ideal for entry and exit points in Medical Centres, Food Production Sites, Food Service Areas, Schools, Aged Care Facilities, Childcare Centres, Offices, Sport & Recreation Facilities, Clinics, Reception Areas and other high traffic locations where there is a high risk of cross contamination.

Betasan Autospray

We believe these products meet your needs and look forward to your enquiry.